Friday, 17 October 2014

Playing Halloween

Check out some of the new designs for Halloween, if you have any good ideas please send me them. 

Friday, 12 September 2014

Bareskin by Bare Minerals

Pure Brightening Serum Foundation SPF 20

We are so excited about the new Bareskin foundation which is now on sale in GlamR. Eeekkkk!!!!
Bare Minerals Bare Skin Serum Foundation is both mineral foundation and a skincare serum in one. It provides light to medium and full coverage to suit your skin requirement. It's not just a foundation, it is a skin treatment too. This is a welcome addition to the Bare Minerals range, especially for people who prefer a liquid foundation. 

It's got barely anything in it: no alcohol, no synthetics, no fragrance, no bonders, parabens, no water, it has nothing that will harm the skin. But rather than being only minerals (which doesn't exist in liquid form), it has mineral pigments suspended in a water- like substance called coconut alkane. "This was the ingredient that didn't dilute the brightening ingredients and also didn't clog pores" says Vice President of product development at BareMinerals. It also has skin-brightening vitamin C (the water free formula keeps it stable, and plant stem cells.Thanks to the ingenious amazing brush it is so soft it's airbrushing your foundation on your skin.


How it works:

Step 1: Shake well for a perfect mix of ingredients.

Step 2: Drop 1 drop of foundation into the brush and add 1 more drop at a time to increase coverage.

1-2 drops for a light coverage. 3-4 for a medium coverage. 6-8 drops for a full coverage (this is an average guideline depending on the coverage you would like and can depend on day to evening wear)

Step 3: Buff onto the skin in circular motions.

Come along for your very own colour match!!!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Fresh face and beautiful


Well hello you gorgeous lot, I Know it been a long time but here at GlamR have been super busy'

Well im starting of this week with the Clarisonic cleanser
 personal beauty posts and honest reviews of a product that I have had wonderful results with.
As some of my know i got diagnosed with adult acne in my late 30s I had tried all treatments cream and pills but none of them helped, or I would have bad reaction to them. I had been told to try the clarisonic cleanser to see if this would help. I can safely say, after 4 monthS my skin had started to clear up, it is now a big part of my beauty rasim using it twice a day. I bought two new brush heads,the deep pore brush head and the sensitive brush head and they are working like a treat.
we have now incorporated the clarisonic mia 2 cleansing brush into our facial treatments at GlamR and straight away they seemed to be getting fantastic reviews and clear skin.    

The Clarisoni Cleansing Brush is from the same folks who brought us the Sonicare electric toothbrush. Yep, the Clarisonic is basically a giant electric toothbrush for your face.
The same principles apply ~ the oscillating brush head (which rotates using a sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second) gently, yet thoroughly removes up to 6 times more make-up and twice as much dirt and oil trapped in pores than regular cleansing with your hands alone.
So once you've got squeaky clean skin, all those products that we tend to spend a small fortune on (toners, moisturizers, serums etc.) will work much better because there’s not a layer of dirt, oil, dead skin cells or residual make up inhibiting them.

Here are the benefits of using the Clarisonic according to the Clarisonic website:
~ Leaves skin feeling and looking healthier
~ Removes 6X more makeup than cleansing with hands alone
~ Helps skin care products absorb better
~ Pores appear smaller
~ Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
~ Reduces oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes
~ Gentle enough for use twice a day
~ Soft, non-abrasive for different skin types

All so love by some of the top leading beauty experts 
feel free to watch their youtube channel

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Scratch Nail Salon of the Year?

Sorry  we haven't blogged over the last week we have been so so Busy in Salon 
scratch nail salon 2014We are pleased to announce that we are a finalist in the Scratch Stars Awards Nail Salon of the Year in the “Salon Environment” category for 2014.
A Scratch Stars Award is a sign of sheer excellence and prowess within the industry.
A team of expert judges will be assessing us over the coming months and the winners will be announced on Sunday 11 May 2014 at the Scratch Stars Awards party at Cafe de Paris, London. we are so excited and Proud to have made it  as a Finalist and to be put in the short list with some of the top salon's in the uk below:

Bodylines Kent
GlamR make-up beauty and Hair Suffolk
Nail Loft at Urban Retreat, Harrods, London
The Beauty rooms, Nottingham
The Chelsea Day Spa, London 

A massive well done to all the team!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Disney Frozen Inspired Makeup

At GlamR this week we decided to do a Disney inspired look From the new film Frozen!
All of us girls have been saying how amazing the makeup is in the film and Maria thought she would recreate the look of Anna.
Also we have added some Swarovski crystals, because no GlamR makeup look can be complete without a bit of sparkle.  


Makeup by Maria Giles
Photography by Paul Strowger
Products used:
- Bare Minerals Foundation
- Bare Minerals Translucent Mineral Veil
- Bare Minerals Stroke of Light Concealer
- Sleek Snapshots palette
- Sleek The Original palette
- Bare Minerals Round the Clock Midnight eyeliner
- Ardell Professional Natural lashes
- Bare Minerals Volumising mascara
- Blue and Silver Swarovski crystals
 - No blusher/highlighter was used to give the effect of a frosty matte look.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Moroccan Oil Treatment

Rediscover your shine this winter.
During the winter months, hair goes through its fair share of problems as we increase the use of our beloved flat irons and hair dryers and central heating doesn't help either!

This is where MoroccanOil Treatment comes in handy...

MoroccanOil is a dry treatment oil for the hair, which absorbs instantly and doesn't leave your hair feeling or looking greasy. There is also a Light MoroccanOil which is amazing for blonde hair!

It is a rich dry oil treatment, so a little goes a long way, therefore a bottle will last you at least 6months+ (100ml bottle)! You will definitely notice a difference using this product.
The GlamR girls love using this MoroccanOil for many reasons:

  • A great 'de-tangler'
  • Leaves hair feeling soft and silky
  • Brilliant long term condtioning treatment
  • Helps prevent split ends 
  • Great for dry hair
  • Leaves hair looking healthy with a natural shine
 You can certainly see why it's a very popular product!

100ml £30.50

Or you can try trail size £12.50

So it will come as no surprise that we can really see why there has been so much hype about it! After all in some cases (such as this) you do only get what you pay for! The full size bottle has jumped straight to the top of our Beauty lists and Maria's kit bag ready to use on shoots.

What are your thoughts on MoroccanOil? Us GlamR girls love it!